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You don’t have to explain your business to anyone, unless you plan on doing business with them. And all they need to understand is their part in your business. People don’t listen to understand, they listen to reply, to give you their opinion. The thing is, that people who don’t get it, will never get it and the people that do get it, will never ask. These are the ones that will help you grow. You cant spend your life walking people by the hand and explaining your actions every step of the way. 


"I’m a traffic cop. It’s a job. Somebody’s got to do it. I don’t even represent myself when I’m working. If I was representing myself, I’d let everyone off with a warning. I represent a system. Did I design the system? No. I just enforce it. It’s not for me to decide the system. We elect the people who decide the system. When I write a ticket, everyone tells me a reason that they don’t deserve it. If I gave a warning to everyone with a reason, I wouldn’t give any tickets, and the system wouldn’t work. I don’t get any joy by giving a ticket. And I’m not upset if you beat it in court. It’s not personal. It’s my job."

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34 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life

You have too much stuff. This is the way to get rid of all that useless crap that is taking up all your precious space. 

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☁️ Cloud iPhone Wallpapers ☁️

Always want to use one of these before I board the plane
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As long as you can laugh at yourself you will never cease to be amused.


My life motto

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